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Florrea (Shenyang FLORREA Chemicals Co., Ltd) located in China, is ISO9001 Certified world leading Manufacturer and supplier on flotation reagents with 20 years exporting experience and production history in China.



To be an Unique overseas Mining company

To be world leading supplier of  VALUE ADDED Flotation Reagents  and Solutions

1. Lowered cost of flotation reagents helping mining customers to spend less money in procurement.

Our specialized technician is dedicated to work with mine end-users to develop and provide the most Cost-effective flotation reagents formulations , which is specific and most suitable for an individual mine and no others

2. Improving recovery of value minerals helping mining customers to make more money, thus providing highest return on  shareholders’ investments.

3.  To provide environmentally friendly flotation reagents to achieve sustainable development for the mine site.



    To Make Mineral Flotation Better and Better anywhere


To assist them to get much more real value with better flotation ,

 to provide the most Cost-effective flotation reagents and new functionalized mining chemicals, thus achieving maximum ore recovery and highest return to mines’ share holders and contribute to the world mining development scientifically


Developing win-win beneficial long term relationships


To provide a harmonious and happy environment of continuous growth


To provide above-average return of its investments