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Flotation Method
May 21, 2018

Conventional froth flotation: Suitable for the selection of mineral pellets from 0.5mm to 5μm, depending on the mineral species. Special flotation methods are required when the particle size is less than 5 μm. For example, flocculation-flotation is the use of flocculants to flocculate the useful minerals of fine particles into larger particles, and then remove the gangue fines and then float the coarse granules. Carrier flotation is the use of ore particles of a size suitable for flotation as a support, allowing the fine ore particles to adhere to the surface of the support and to be sorted with the floatation. There are also oil agglomeration flotation and emulsification flotation using oils to agglomerate fine ore fines, flotation; and high-temperature chemical reaction to convert metal minerals from ore to metal before flotation, and then to flotation. When the metal ions in the aqueous solution are recovered by froth flotation, they are first chemically precipitated or adsorbed by an ion exchange resin, and then the precipitate or resin particles are floated.