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Removal of harmful impurities from iron concentrate
Jan 30, 2019

The harmful impurity sulfur in iron concentrate is generally in the form of pyrite and pyrrhotite. The sulfur in the form of pyrite can be removed by flotation or magnetic separation of xanthate, and pyrrhotite Sulfur in the form, because of its strong magnetic properties, and its floatability is susceptible to various factors, so it is difficult to remove. Domestic and foreign research and practice have proved that the surface of pyrrhotite is easy to oxidize (formation of iron hydroxide), muddy, magnetic agglomeration, etc., which greatly reduces its floatability. For this reason, in the flotation desulfurization, it is generally used. Acid scrubbing surface, dispersing agent dispersing, demagnetization, multi-stage activation, enhanced harvesting and other measures to improve the removal rate.

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