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Flotation technology choice
May 21, 2018

A gold mine in southern China belongs to arsenic-bearing low-sulfide gold deposits. The useful minerals recovered from ore are natural gold; the fineness of natural gold is fine, and it is mainly symbiotic with pyrites such as pyrite, and a single gold ore flotation process is used for recovery. Gold, the final product is gold concentrate; the main harmful substance in gold concentrate is arsenic, which is caused by containing arsenopyrite and arsenic-barium copper ore, and can not be removed in the flotation, and only solved from the smelting; the flotation is The important part of this gold ore beneficiation process is directly related to the beneficiation technical and economic indicators. It needs to master its technical essentials and experience to ensure that the gold concentrate reaches a certain recovery rate and improve the quality of gold concentrates for the entire mine. Improve economic efficiency services. The main indicators for the current beneficiation of a gold mine in southern China are: the gold grade of the selected ore is 3×10-6, the gold concentrate grade is more than 65×10-6, and the gold grade of the tailings is less than 0.25×10-6. The flotation recovery The rate is about 90%.