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Flotation process operation
May 21, 2018

Flotation process operations are an important part of flotation production. An excellent and good operation method not only makes the production process stable, but also is an important guarantee for obtaining good sorting indicators.

Boot sequence: In this use of the gold flotation process equipment, using Figure 1 flotation process boot sequence is: sand pump - Roots blower - sweeping - rough selection - select - mixing barrels, add the agent and indicate the ball mill Boot.

Operation method: gold ore flotation workers in the adjustment of the pulp surface, the level of the pulp in the sifter is as high as possible, the slurry concentration is about 25%, the best foaming agent to the pulp surface is a bit mushy, but does not run groove. In this case, the highest useful mineral recovery can be ensured. Usually, the foam ore in these flotation machines is reversed. In this case, the rough selection can make the surface of the slurry rise to a foam layer with a height of 40-75 mm. The amount of drug to be selected should be starvation, but it should not cause sinking, and about 30% of concentrated pulp should be used for rough selection. At the same time, the level of pulp in the latter two tanks should not cause the slurry to overflow into the rougher and carefully selected runners. Generally, the foam of the roughing tank foam is larger than the foam of the cleaning tank foam. The foam size in the rough tank is 20 to 30 mm. These bubbles are mineralized, that is, they are loaded with useful ore particles. Sweep bubble size 5 ~ 15mm, the load of the role of mineral particles is also small, when the machine scraped into the flow tank, the most vulnerable to cracking, foam small and more.