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Flotation agent
May 21, 2018

During flotation, various chemicals are used to adjust the physical and chemical characteristics of the flotation material and the flotation medium to increase the hydrophobic-hydrophilic (ie, buoyant) difference between the flotation materials and improve flotation efficiency. The commonly used flotation agent is divided into three categories: collectors, foamers and conditioners.

Collectors Naturally, mineral particles such as coal, graphite, sulfur, talc, and molybdenite are hydrophobic on the surface, and most of the mineral particles have a hydrophilic surface. To improve buoyancy, it is necessary to add collectors that make the mineral particles hydrophobic, ie polar collectors and non-polar collectors. The polar collector consists of a polar group that can interact with the surface of the mineral particles and a non-polar group that acts hydrophobic. When such collectors are adsorbed on the surface of mineral particles, their molecules or ions are aligned, and polar groups face the surface of the mineral particles. Non-polar groups form a hydrophobic film outwards, making the ore particles buoyant.

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