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Dimethyl dithiophosphate production process
May 21, 2018

production method 

Methyl sulfide is obtained by esterification of phosphorus pentasulfide and methanol.

A certain amount of sulfide and phosphorus pentasulfide are added to the human reaction tank at a mass ratio of about 0.7:1, and methanol is added dropwise at a certain molar ratio under stirring. The dropping temperature is controlled at 40-45° C., and is added for about 2 hours, and then at 50. The stirring reaction was continued at ~55°C for about 2 hours, and the product was cooled to 35°C to give a finished product. The yield was above 75%. Hydrogen sulfide formed by the reaction is introduced into the absorption tower and absorbed by alkali solution.

In China, there is also a new catalytic process for the synthesis of methyl sulfide, which improves product quality and yield. By selecting suitable catalysts and certain reaction conditions, the average methyl sulfide content can be 94.20%, and the average yield is 93.84%.