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Sodium Alkyl Monothiophosphate

Sodium Alkyl Monothiophosphate

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Flotation Collector Florrea 2345 Technical Data Sheet

Trade Name: Florrea 2345 collector 

Chemical Name: phosphate mixture

Synanyms: N/A 

Physical And Chemicals Properties

Typical Properties



Clear yellow to amber ( aqueous solution) .

no pungent odor . rather stable chemically



Freezing point

Crystallization begins C(F) :   2(36)

Flash point

> 93.3°C

Freeze-thaw stability


frothing characteristics


Hydrolysis as a Function of pH:

slowly  hydrolyses   under   acidic   (low   pH)


Dissociation Constant

pKa is low

Flammability Limits

not flammable

Autoignition Temperature

not self-igniting

Explosive Properties

not explosive


will react with strong oxidising agents and acids


Florrea 2345 collector is a novel flotation collector.

It is in commercial use at a number of operating locations around the world. 

Frother Characteristics

Florrea 2345 exhibits some frothing properties. Selectivity

Selective against iron sulfides.

With respect to iron sulfides, Florrea 2345 collector is perhaps the most selective of the available sulfide collectors in alkaline circuits.


1.Florrea 2345 collector is particularly effective for selective flotation of precious metals in alkaline circuits (pH > 7.0).

2.It is also effective in the flotation of sulfide minerals and precious metals in acid circuits.

◆ Below pH 7, the product changes to a thiol form P(O)SH instead of the thione P(S) O-

This form is what makes the product so stable and strong as a collector for sulfides at acid pH

◆ The main application for these products is for bulk sulfide flotation in acid circuit

They are also used extensively in Cu/Au operations to improve the Au recovery in alkaline conditions and are known to improve PGM recovery

It is strong collectors for acid circuit flotation of copper and for use in LPF circuits

Florrea Reagents Value AddedTechnical Data SheetFlorrea 2345Page 1/3

Flotation Collector Florrea 2345

3. In moderately alkaline circuits (pH 7-10), it can be used for selective flotation of copper

sulfide minerals and precious metals from ores, in which the presence of highly activated iron sulfide minerals precludes the use of other sulfide collectors

Above pH of 7, Florrea 2345 collector are weak sulfide collectors

 The product exists in its thione form which is represented above

This form is preferable for the flotation of sulfides.

4.Primarily used in the flotation of:

◆ Base metal sulfides, gold/silver and PGMs from ores in acid circuit (pH 3-7).

◆ Selective gold/silver and copper sulfides flotation in mildly alkaline circuits (pH 7-10).

◆ Used in conjunction with traditional sulfide collectors to improve precious metals recovery in alkaline circuits.

Flotation of cement copper in LPF process.

5.Florrea 2345 collector is an effective copper collectors in acid circuits and to improve gold recovery


Experience also indicates that these collectors improve flotation kinetics, especially of slow floating gold particles. 


  • In acid circuits, dosage requirements for Florrea 2345 collector are significantly lower than those for the more traditional sulfide collectors.

  • Dosage rates are usually in the range of 5 to 50 g/t for base metal sulfide ores

up to 100 g/t for precious metal ores.

Adding Point

Florrea 2345 collector can be fed directly to the circuit, or can be diluted with water to any strength. For ease of metering, it is often diluted to 5-10 % strength.


Typical pH usage ranges is neutral to alkaline Safety and Handling

FLORREA 2345 collector is manufactured under carefully controlled conditions. However, to varying degrees they can be considered harmful and therefore before handling this product always carefully read and understand the MSDS for this product.

FLORREA 2345 collector causes irritation to eyes and skin.

Safe handling includes the use of safety glasses , natural rubber gloves and protective clothing. Storage

+Store in a dry and well-ventilated place away from heat and sunlight after the principle “first in/first out”

+Avoid freezing

+Store in plastic drums or coated steel drums Environmental impact

FLORREA 2345 collector is biodegradable. The majority of the collector is tied up with the concentrate and is destroyed in the subsequent processing operations. The remainder is transferred to the tailings . Release into the water systems should be avoided.

Florrea Reagents Value Added Technical Data Sheet Florrea 2345

Flotation Collector Florrea 2345

Packing  1.

In open top plastic drum of 210kg (525lbs)net each,  gross 573lbs;

4 drums on a wooden pallet and tightly strapped ,

16.8mts(80 drums)/20’FCL


1100kgs net plastic drum(IBC),23mts(20 totes)/20’FCL


Isotank container



This information is based on our present state of knowledge and is intended to provide general notes on our products and their uses. It should not therefore be construed as guaranteeing specific properties of the products described or their suitability for a particular application. Any existing industrial property rights must be observed.

The quality of our products is guaranteed under our General Conditions of Sale

Florrea Reagents Value Added Technical Data Sheet Florrea 2345




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